Hurray! It’s Happening Soon!

IMG_3676w“… but we will find the exception and everything will be so worth it. In the end, we will laugh over all the drama and we will have one hell of a party!” — Onome Okagbare

If you have read “A Diva’s Memoir” and “A Diva’s Memoir (2)“, then you have met Onome (in a manner of speaking). The quote above was part of my conversation with Onome yesterday as we both uuh-ed and aah-ed  over her “georg” pre-wedding photos and discussed the challenges albinos face in Africa, especially as regards romantic relationships and marriage.

In my article published on HobbingPost, titled “Kissed by the Sun“, I made reference to a survey from the South African Institute for Medical Research, which shows that albinos have much lower marriage rates than their dark-skinned counterparts.

Nonetheless, whenever the news of an alby’s wedding breaks, it is worth celebrating and publicizing because it is more than just a wedding. It is proof that there are exceptional men/women and exceptional families even in Africa. It gives hope to the rest of the Alby nation that good things can come from seemingly cloudy circumstances.

Long story short, this post is a special celebration of Onome’s forthcoming wedding and a message of hope to the rest of the alby nation.

  IMG_9404 IMG_3531w (1)

_MG_0206w (3)Congratulations to Onome Okagbare and Akinlolu Majaros. May God bless and establish your home.

See OnomeAkinlolu’s feature on Nigerian Wedding Blog (Of course I got exclusive photos, Duh!)


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